Covid vaccine passport could bring freedom to travel overseas

Brits could soon get a “vaccination record” after receiving the coronavirus bite as part of a large-scale study across the UK.

The passport issued by the biometrics company iProov and cybersecurity company Mvineis distributed as a free app to prove that someone has received the Covid vaccine.

It is used by the NHS to keep track of the number of people who were given the vaccine but could potentially be used as an aid for travel and other activities.

Mvine and iProov plan to complete two studies by March 31st to give health care leaders the confidence to use the pass on a large scale for the benefit of their local areas.

Although the Health department According to the government innovation and research promotion agency Innovate UK, there were no immediate plans to introduce vaccination records. The company has already invested £ 75,000 in the project.

Frank Joshi, Director at Mvine said, “Without the need for extensive new infrastructure, Public Health Directors will learn how our innovation is being used to promote public health and protect citizen privacy.

“Unlike some other digital solutions for Covid-19, this technology reduces the burden on frontline services and provides a cost-effective, safe way to return to work, return to school and return to the life that people have want.” to lead.”

Vaccination records could eventually be used to boost travel in many countries, with leaders providing initial support.

The EU said it was too early to confirm that passports would allow more travel and tourism, but it could in the future.

EU Commission Vice President Margaritis Schinas said it was “quite conceivable that this could open up avenues for other purposes, including making travel easier”.


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