Covid Zoom meeting halted after wife appears naked behind 'embarrassed' official

A Covid Committee Zoom meeting had to be canceled after the wife of one of the South African officials appeared naked behind him.

Xolile Ndevu, a member of the National House of Traditional Leaders, a group of 23 traditional leaders in South Africa, spoke about deaths from Covid-19 in the Eastern Cape province during a meeting on cooperative governance and traditional matters on Tuesday.

While explaining how Eastern Cape works with local doctors, his wife suddenly appears naked behind him.

The footage can be heard of colleagues bursting out laughing as the committee chairman Faith Muthambi quickly intervenes and interrupts the meeting.

She says to him: “Inkosi, the people behind you are not properly dressed. We see everything.

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“Please, Inkosi, did you tell them you were in a meeting? It’s very disturbing what we’re seeing.”

Muthambi told Inkosi Sipho Mahlangu, chairman of the National House of Traditional Leaders, that this is not the first time such an incident has occurred during a Zoom meeting.

She adds, “Whenever we meet with you, we see these unruly images. They are live on TV.”

Ndevu covers his face with his hands and apologizes.

Traditional South African leader Xolile Ndevu said he was embarrassed after the incident

He said, 'I'm very sorry. I focused on the camera and not behind me. I'm so embarrassed'

He says, “I’m very sorry. I focused on the camera and not behind me. I’m so embarrassed.”

The following day he stated, “This zoom technology is new to us and we have never received any training.

“Our houses are not built so that we can have privacy for these meetings.”

Ndevu added that the meeting started around 7pm and was supposed to end by 10pm, but was overrun and moved into the bedroom.

He explained, “When the meeting continued after 10pm, my wife came in to use the bathroom and didn’t know I had the video feed. I apologize.”


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