Cows in barns given virtual reality goggles of summer fields to produce more milk

Farmers who have given cows virtual reality glasses that show summer fields while they are stuck in barns in winter have found that the cattle produce more milk

Cows are given virtual reality glasses to produce more milk (

Image: Agency Anadolu via Getty Images)

Cows are equipped with virtual reality glasses of green pastures, while in winter they are cramped in stalls as they appear to produce more milk.

The images of flowing summer meadows seem to make the cows happier when they eat hay in a confined space – and thus more milk for the farmers.

The virtual reality glasses were developed in consultation with veterinarians and tested on a farm in Moscow, where they were able to reduce anxiety.

Now a farmer in Aksaray, Turkey, Izzet Kocak, has reportedly tried it on two cows with good results.

The cows can see pictures of flowing summer fields


Agency Anadolu via Getty Images)

He said The sun that their milk production has increased from 22 to 27 liters per day.

It’s not the first time the farmer has used alternative ideas, and has tried in the past to play classical music to cheer up his cows.

He said, “They’re watching a green pasture and that gives them an emotional boost. You are less stressed. “

The hardware was developed by taking a human virtual reality headset and then fitting it exactly to the specifications of a cow’s head. The software is also being changed so that the color scheme matches what scientists believe the animals can see.

You can see some colors, but it is believed that you cannot see red or green, only shades of yellow and blue.

Cattle farmer Izzet Kocak says the glasses worked well on his cows


Agency Anadolu via Getty Images)

The Russian Ministry of Agriculture and Food has stated that studies show that environmental conditions can play a huge role in the general health of the cow and the quality and quantity of milk produced.

The images of the cows have gone viral on social media, where people have compared the headsets to scenes from the movie The Matrix.

“Farmers say they did this to improve their conditions so they can relax and produce more milk. It’s pretty much like the cow matrix,” a tweet read.

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