Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools: The Android App You Should Delete To Avoid Losing Your Facebook

Craft Art Cartoon Photo Tools: It’s called Craft Art Cartoon Photo Tools, it’s an image retouching application that adds filters to give photos a comic or pictorial look. And according to cybersecurity experts, it is a fraudulent Android application that contains a Trojan called Facestealer hidden in its code. A Trojan of a Spyware nature that also connects to a Russian server.

The Android app that you should not have installed

It is the typical application that is advertised for retouching images, something that most people with social networks usually do. but Craft Art Cartoon Photo Tools comes with the surprise of Facestealer Spyware Trojan that allows hackers to gain full access to victims’ Facebook accounts including sensitive data stored in them like credit card details and conversations. private.

The curious thing is that it is the user himself/herself who provided this access, since they were tricked into providing their Facebook username and password in order to use the application. By doing so, the data is sent to cybercriminals, who often swindle money, send phishing links, and even spread fake news.

Craft Art Cartoon Photo Tools

Downloaded more than 100,000 times, Google has removed the app from the Play Store, which was already showing signs of being untrustworthy by displaying a random Gmail account as the developer’s email. And user comments stating that the application was fake.

According to cybersecurity company Pradeo, “In order to reach a large audience and hide its illegal activities, [Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools] mimics the behaviors of the most popular legitimate photo-editing apps. In fact, it has been injected with a small fragment of code that easily slips under the radar of store protections.

In addition to removing the app, anyone who has used Craft Art Cartoon Photo Tools will need to take other security measures:

The most important thing is to reset the data of the Facebook account, especially changing the password.
If you’ve used the same username and password on other accounts, you should change them too, as hackers often use them for other sites and services.
And finally, it’s a good idea to turn on two-factor authentication to keep your accounts more secure in the future.

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