Creative Announces New Stage V2 Soundbar: Price

Ideal for spaces where it is not possible to mount a sound system with multiple satellites and speakers, sound bars have become a very attractive option, both because of the audio capabilities they offer and because of their decorative design. And after the first Stage, the brand specialized in sound Creative presents its new 2.1 bar, the Creative Stage V2.

Creative phase V2

An improved successor to the Creative Stage, the Creative Stage V2 bar includes new features such as the new Sound Blaster audio technologies: Surround and Clear Dialog. In addition, the device mounts larger soundboards, which allows it to provide better audio, clearer and also improved surround sound.

Sound Blaster Clear Dialog technology allows users to perceive audio that has been extracted and amplified “without compromising the surrounding noise.” And through the Surround system, the Creative Stage V2 also manages to create an expansive surround sound stage where we can enjoy movies in a similar way to how we perceive sound in a movie theater, but from the comfort of home.

Connectivity and price

The audio system features 2 midrange drivers and a powerful subwoofer, ready to fill any room with rich audio and powerful bass. Creative Stage V2 implements several connectivity options:


– Optical input

– Auxiliary entrance

– Bluetooth

– USB (suitable for streaming audio)

This makes this bar an audio entertainment system for many devices, including televisions, computers, cell phones or video game consoles. In addition, the soundbar comes with a remote control that allows users to switch sound sources, adjust treble and bass, and operate the Surround and Clear Dialog systems.

With a minimalist design, Creative Stage V2 does not yet have an exact release date, but it does have a price: € 109.99.

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