Crimson Desert : Release Date, Plot, Cast, And Everything You Need To Know

Crimson Desert

Crimson Desert
Crimson Desert

Black Desert Online was released in 2015. Steam rated the sandbox-oriented fantasy massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) on 7/10. Black Desert was developed by the Korean video game developer Pearl Abyss and originally published for Microsoft Windows in 2015.

Called in on the 2019 South Korean Gaming Conference G Star, Pearl Abyss revealed Crimson Desert, the next desert theme flagship title. Along with Crimson Desert, Pearl Abyss also revealed that three more games are in the works. But here we are only talking about Crimson Desert.

What to expect from the new game?

Crimson Desert will be an open MMORPG set in a time long for the Black Desert story. The beginnings of the Crimson Desert can be traced back to the vast deserts that span the world of Black Desert. There is a huge amount of content based on a more traditional MMORPG.

The game places a great emphasis on storytelling, an engaging quest and a more extensive story. This means that the player will experience the story through five unique playable mercenaries. Crimson Desert tells the story of many different characters whose fate is intertwined with the main character and his gang of mercenaries.

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What does Crimson Desert offer?

It offers an immersive single-player campaign with engaging quests based on the exploits of many mercenaries. There is a much greater focus on PvE content such as dungeons and raids with a progression system to complement that. This was something Black Desert couldn’t draw because the progression system was never tuned to the traditional MMORPG format. Players will face many dangers worldwide.

It Desert is also described as the next generation MMORPG with a diverse range of creatures, both large and small, that threaten your survival. This is a land of mythical creatures, not a friend or an enemy. To survive greater threats, you must make strategic choices, all brought to life with Pearl Abyss’ unique action-driven combat system. However, it is still unclear whether the action battle in the Crimson Desert will be the same as in the Black Desert.

As many of you know, your greatest friend or enemy in an MMORPG will be the person next to you. Pearl Abyss has also created a world full of playable content, including trading, exploration, realistic character exploration, rich backgrounds, etc.

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Crimson Desert: release date

Crimson Desert is available on both PC and console and is expected to be released on all platforms simultaneously. Although no exact information is available on this. There is no official announcement as to the exact release date of the new MMORPG. But we think it will take about 2 years for the game to launch.

Do we have a trailer?

Yes, IGN has launched the official Korean RPG reveal trailer.
Check it out here:


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