Crocodile attack twin says sister is breathing on her own and is 'much better'

The brave British woman, who saved her twin from the jaws of a crocodile, says her sister is “much better” as she recovers from the horrific hospital attack.

Georgia and Melissa Laurie, both 28, survived the beating while vacationing in Mexico where the Berkshire sisters volunteered and traveled.

The twins were swimming in the water at a tourist beauty spot in Puerto Escondido when the crocodile suddenly pulled Melissa under the water.

Georgia dropped punches on the beast, forced her to let go of her sister, and fought off her repeated attacks as she rocked her wounded sister and swam her back to her tour boat.

The zookeeper was in the hospital fighting for her life after being rescued from a river about 10 miles from the surf resort on Sunday.

The family has raised money to take the girls ‘father to Mexico and cover potentially high hospital bills while they await a decision from the young travelers’ insurance company.

Her sister Hana posted a video update late Thursday thanking people for supporting the family by sending them love and donations.

She announced she was closing the fundraiser when she said they believed they had enough money after trying to raise cash to bring the twins’ father, Sean Laurie, to Mexico and hit nearly 44,000 Pound.

Hana shared a video of herself dancing for joy with three dogs late Thursday as she aired a “good news” update from Georgia, Mexico that managed to update supporters with a voice memo.

Melissa had been placed in a medically-induced coma while doctors tried to drain fluids and help her breathe on her own while fighting a sepsis infection in her bite wounds.

In the clip shared publicly on Facebook, Georgia says that Melissa had her breathing tubes removed and that she is aware of her surroundings after the horror attack.

Melissa Laurie (right) was rescued from the jaws of a crocodile when her twin sister Georgia (left) repeatedly slapped him in the face

Georgia says, “I just wanted you to know that I saw Mel earlier and that she is really much better, she is really fine.

“About four hours before I saw her, they took the hose off – that was about six-thirty.

“She is breathing really well, although she cannot speak from the tube because of the sore throat.

Hana Laurie, sister of the crocodile attack twins Georgia and Melissa Laurie

“They said when they explained the procedure to her before they did, that she understood and understood everything.

“She can hear, she can see – she knew who I was and seemed happy to see me and is much better.”

Previously, reports surfaced alleging the girls were unknowingly taken to an infamous crocodile nesting area rather than the popular tourist resort of Manialtepec Lagoon.

Croc Attack twins Melissa Laurie

The man who saved the screaming twins, Gerardo Escamilla Perez, claimed they swam in the river – not the lagoon, reports The sun.

Local authorities said the grassy area by the river is a well-known refuge for the nesting reptiles.

Both twins had been given intravenous antibiotics after their ordeal as doctors were concerned about infections, their family said earlier.

Sister Hana previously told alleged locals that the tour guide who brought the twins to the area was suspected of organizing illegal tours and has disappeared since the attack.

She said her sisters booked the tour through the hostel they were staying in.

You can visit the family’s donation page Here.


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