Cummings explains for first time real reason he fled London in lockdown

Former senior aide to the Prime Minister, Dominic Cummings, who was scourged for bringing his family out of London at the height of the lockdown, says there is a real reason he did it – which he couldn’t explain.

During the lockdown, Mr Cummings fled London and moved his family to County Durham – including a trip to Barnard Castle.

Mr Cummings, who had Covid-19 at the time, later held a press conference in the Rose Garden at 10 Downing Street where he made reasons for his trip and said the day after Barnard Castle was a vision test.

When the lockdown was rolled out across the country, Cummings moved his family to live with relatives up north.

But Mr Cummings is now saying that there was a serious security threat that he was unable to uncover at this point.

Speaking to a parliamentary committee this afternoon, he said: “In the fall of 2019, I had to move out of my house for about six weeks because of security threats.”

He says mobs gathered outside his house because he played a role in the government’s Covid response.

Mr Cummings said before leaving London he had a phone call from his wife who said, “There’s a gang of people out there and they say they’re going to break in and kill everyone.”

Mr Cummings said he had discussed the matter with Boris Johnson and the Cabinet Secretary and had been given permission to remove himself and his family from London.

He says the police only spoke to him about leaving London to discuss security – not to discuss a security breach.

Mr Cummings said the matter was made worse by a fake story in the national media.

Mr Cummings apologized for what he had done – saying it was a disaster – but said it was right to protect his family.

He said he could not reveal the real reason at the meeting in the rose garden because of ongoing safety concerns.

He said, “This whole episode was definitely a major disaster for the government and for Covid policy.”

He added that it had already been decided to move my family out of London “regardless of the rules” prior to the lockdown.

He added, “I made a terrible, terrible mistake.”


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