Cuomo delays presidential primary to June amid coronavirus pandemic

ALBANIA – Governor Andrew Cuomo will postpone New York’s presidential election from April 28 to June 23, he announced on Saturday, and derailed the last competition scheduled for that date.

“I don’t think getting a lot of people to a place to vote is advisable – a lot of people touch a doorknob, a lot of people touch a pen,” he said at one of his daily reviews of the corona virus.


It has been clear for some time that the April 28th date would be unrealistic to work as planned, although there was no consensus on what corrections could occur. There has been some movement that people can submit postal ballot papers even when they are not ill, even though election officials have been arguing recently that it is impractical to hold an election of any kind in a month.

The date of June 23 was the date that was already on the pre-election books in Congress, state, and local. Village competitions and special elections were also scheduled to take place on April 28 to occupy the convention center vacated by Chris Collins last year.

Cuomo said on Saturday afternoon that he had spoken in favor of it [the June] Date all the time “to reduce the frequency with which voters have to vote, although this is not entirely true. The governor initially did not oppose the April date announce abruptly in September He would prefer a consolidated vote in February and considered vetoing the bill that set the presidential election.

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