Cuomo Helped Get New York Into This Mess

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo holds a daily press conference on coronaviruses. (Eduardo Munoz Alvarez / Getty Images)

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As the novel Coronavirus rages in New York, kills hundreds and imprisons millions, Governor Andrew Cuomo has become the hero of the moment. On TV, he’s everything Donald Trump isn’t: calm, coherent, and blunt, in a strangely soothing way. He becomes a # resistance hero. Some people are (literally) fall in love with him.

But the same Cuomo, who is trying to expand hospital capacity in New York and is crying out for more federal funding, is tacitly trying to cut Medicaid funds in the state, making doctors, nurses, and elected officials angry with his own party. The same Cuomo that holds press conferences in a large convention center in New York City that now houses a temporary facility Hospital with 1,000 beds, led over a decade of hospital closure and consolidation and prioritized cost savings over keeping popular healthcare facilities open.

It is the same democratic governor – Trump’s proven antidote to any liberal expert – who, at the worst moment, damages his state’s health care system, in the eyes of the critics who are closest to him.

“Andrew Cuomo has repeatedly said that New York City has overcapacity in hospital beds, that it is too expensive and not needed, and that we need to cut expenses.” He kept saying this throughout his tenure, ”said Sean Petty, a pediatric nurse in a Bronx public hospital and a senior member of the state’s politically active nurse union. “If this budget is used up in April, the budget for health and hospitals will be devastating next year.”

What strikes Petty and other health experts is that Cuomo has not withdrawn his plan to cut Medicaid despite the terrible outbreak of Covid-19. Earlier this year, Cuomo deployed a Medicaid redesign team to reduce Medicaid spending in New York after a $ 6 billion budget deficit. mainly driven by rising Medicaid costsbecame apparent in late 2019.

Medicaid registration Grows about 13 percent a year and is now a $ 70 billion program in the state. More than 6 million New Yorkers are on Medicaid, which means only 4.7 percent The state is not insured, a historic low.

The Affordable Care Act has promoted Medicaid registration in New York. Although Medicaid is a federal program that provides affordable, comprehensive health care to the poor, the state still pays almost half of the cost, with district governments also paying a small share.


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