“Cursed Season 2” Sets Up On Netflix!!

Season 1 of Netflix’s Cursed Finishes with Betrayal and Death as Nimue (Katherine Langford) tries to save the Fey from Dangers like the Church, Uther Pendragon, and the Ice King, Cumber. It turns into something similar to Game of Thrones, with everybody wanting to take possession of her Sword of Electricity by killing or imprisoning her.

Alliances are created and a few transformations happen, setting up an interesting story for another season as Arthur tries to muster a resistance to maintain Nimue’s vision going.


In Season 1, Nimue is killed by Iris, because her magic’s growing, but she can be restored afterward. This could create her Lady of the Lake, the enchantress out of Arthurian lore. And as Merlin’s daughter, she is destined to become a mage.

There’s also the possibility because he gets back his powers wielding the sword she might be revived by Merlin. Morgana has additionally updated by getting the brand new Widow (i.e. Grim Reaper), therefore that she could stop Nimue from dying also. Last, the series may follow to the book, in which Shadow Lords or the Leper King attract Nimue back to keep on fighting for its Fey.


After Nimue returns, she will look to rekindle her love with Arthur. But he struck a friendship up aka the Guinevere, Arthur’s wife in the lore. This could definitely turn into something more.

Season 2 can explore this romance and the way Arthur deals with Nimue transcending humanity. He could gravitate to Guinevere, as she needs Cumber and his death for exiling her, which matches Arthur’s freedom-oriented assignment more than Nimue’s supernatural drama.


Thanks to the powers of Nimue, Gawain was consumed from the greenery of Earth to be resurrected as the Green Knight out of Arthurian legend. It’s unclear if he will return with his humanity intact. Since Gawain is a brother to a father-figure into Squirrel Nimue and the rebels’ tactician, his transformation to the Green Knight could increase a good deal of issues when he ends up turning against his allies.

Season 2 can have a look at how Lancelot/The Weeping Monk redeems himself after murdering so many Fey over time. He could train Squirrel at Gawain’s lack also because the boy might need to vow for Lancelot because of his egregious actions. Things could become when Lancelot strikes a romantic relationship with Guinevere such as from the source material or if Gawain yields. If they get on precisely the same page, these warriors would mean difficulty for also the kings fighting to rule and the Church.


We do not know if Morgana because the Grim Reaper can relate to even her fan or her family. In any event, as Lady Death that she may have the ability to rekindle people like Gawain and Nimue. Merlin appears to be prepared to utilize Morgana, who is the Widow and got his powers, therefore she can be mentored by him.

“Cursed Season 2” Sets Up On Netflix!! 2


This will examine her connection with Arthur too because we do not know if she is still lived in by the Widow, or in the event, the Gods’ curse is currently ongoing to the soul of toxin Morgana. Merlin’s rage can make him a villain using the sword, looking for revenge as Devil’s Tooth. As he is currently he can come with Morgana.


If the Church decides to keep them moving, Together with Father Carden the Paladins will probably require a new leader. Iris is a figure, although they may be substituted with Trinity soldiers. She has been indoctrinated as a hunter from the Church and will want to finish Merlin and Morgana off.

Iris could marshall troops to complete the job, as she understands a good deal about the Fey Queen if Nimue does return. The Church might have battalions to ship for Iris, and Iris could develop into the Church avenger and watchdog with Cumber and Uther trying to rule the territory.

Depending on the novel of the Identical title by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler, Cursed celebrities Katherine Langford, Devon Terrell, Gustaf Skarsgård, Peter Mullan, Shalom Brune-Franklin, Daniel Sharman, Sebastian Armesto, Ella Prebble, Scarlett Rock, and Daniella Gad. The series is currently available for streaming Netflix now

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