Cut price of petrol by 6p a litre to reflect falling wholesale costs, urges RAC

Record fuel prices should be cut to reflect a fall in wholesale costs, one auto service company said.

The RAC urged retailers to “play fair with the drivers” by reducing the price of a liter of gasoline by 18 cents.

Average gasoline dispensing prices have risen 3p per liter since the beginning of the month, reaching 147.27p despite a recent drop in wholesale costs.

Failure to pass on savings costs drivers an additional £ 3.50 each time they refuel a typical 55 liter family gasoline vehicle.

Diesel costs an average of 150.66 pence per liter, which the RAC believes should decrease by 4 pence.

Last month, fuel prices surpassed the record highs of April 2012 and have continued to rise.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “The wholesale price of gasoline has fallen sharply in the last few days which means that major retailers are in a great position to bring down prices and the burden of £ drivers across the UK to decrease 80 for a full 55 liter tank.

“Since the four big supermarkets are responsible for selling 45 percent of all fuel in the country, they keep buying new supplies so that the savings can be passed on to customers immediately – unlike smaller retailers who tend to only buy fuel. ” every two weeks.

“The longer they hold back from doing the right thing, the more money they make with every liter sold and the worse the drivers are.

“This seems very tough for the drivers, considering how many are struggling financially due to the inflated fuel costs.

“RAC studies have shown that around half of drivers (46 percent) will be forced to cut other household expenses as gasoline and diesel prices continue to rise above their current record highs.”

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