Cyberpunk 2077 offers multiple performance

CD Projekt releases January ‘Big Patch’ which should include technical improvements on PC, Playstation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox series and Stadia

CD Projekt released the first major patch for Cyberpunk 2077, called 1.1, which should improve the state of the game in several areas, especially for the console versions. This first patch focuses on performance improvements, stability, data management and other technical issues such as the widespread corrupted game save issue that affected a significant number of users.

In general, the patch improves the memory usage of several subsystems in the game: characters, AI, traffic, vegetation, etc. The desynchronization of these systems with the rest of the game is part of some of the spectacular bugs seen in the game. game, so greater harmonization of it should bring marked improvements.

Performance and stability improvements

Several situations of forced exit from the game have also been fixed and a list of bugs related to situations occurring in certain missions, such as messages not arriving during the development of certain missions, objects not being received or dialogs that do not occur, making it impossible to advance the story. It also appears that the widespread problem of corrupted save operations due to oversizing has been fixed – although this does not fix corrupted save games on PCs prior to patch 1.06.

On Playstation, street crowd management has been optimized for PS4 Pro and PS5, as well as several fatal bugs on PS4. On Xbox, memory usage has been improved in several subsystems to improve overall game optimization.

The next major patch, 1.2, should come out in a few weeks, in February, and implement more aggressive measures to keep improving the stability and performance of the game across all formats, before addressing the gradual improvements that have been made throughout the year. planned. years – aside from the free DLC and native versions of PS5 and Xbox Series, scheduled for the second half of 2021.

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