Cyclists blast 'snowflake' drivers after response to Highway Code changes

Major highway code changes came into force last week and have caused a major uproar from motorists.

Many motoring leaders and experts have said that the new changes “cause confusion” and have called for them to be scrapped.

The additions to the code include a ‘hierarchy of road users’ – meaning that motorists now have a duty to give way to pedestrians and cyclists in certain situations.

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One major change that annoyed motorists was the rule that cyclists are now advised to ride in the middle of lanes on quieter roads, in slower-moving traffic, and when approaching junctions, to make themselves as visible as possible.

The code also says that cyclists should be aware of people driving behind them and allow them to overtake when it is safe to do so.

The changes have led some motorists to call for the end of Highway Code changes. Voters for Motors is formed of individuals from organizations like FairFuelUK, the Motorcycle Action Group and the Alliance of British Drivers.

Voters for Motors said they planned to assemble on Tuesday over Zoom to discuss how they can challenge the new Highway Code.

A spokesperson said: “Our concerns over the Highway Code include the fact that encourage the undertaking and overtaking of vehicles intending to turn by cyclists will cause more crashes that drivers will be blamed for under the new ‘hierarchy of road users’.

However, now cyclists and social media users on Twitter have hit out at “snowflakes” who have been complaining since the changes were brought in on January 29.

localzuk said: “All the snowflakes whining about the new changes to the Highway Code make me laugh. Oh no, you’re going to be delayed by 30 seconds. You poor dears.”

Three From Leith added: “What really annoys me are drivers whining about cyclists ignoring the Highway Code, when I see far more drivers break the law daily.”

Taz Wake said: “It’s pretty sad seeing how bad car drivers really are. The changes to the highway code are minor and most of the things people are crying about are close to 20 years old.”

Litespeed Lee said on Twitter: “All these idiots moaning about the changes to the Highway Code forget that cyclists are humans, and vulnerable road users.

“Just like pedestrians and horse riders. But hey driving around in your kill boxes is way more important than another human on a bike.”

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