D.C. mayor pushes for enhanced security surrounding Inauguration Day

Five people, including a U.S. Capitol Police officer, died Wednesday when the building was stormed by supporters of President Donald Trump who attempted to thwart Congress’s electoral college vote and undo Biden’s victory. Bowser has called for an investigation into Capitol Police’s response to the crowd that overran officers and breached the building. Trump’s incitement to the crowd has put pressure on him to leave his post before the inauguration, which will take place on the Capitol steps.

In her letter, Bowser asked the acting attorney general to instruct the FBI to “provide daily intelligence and intelligence about threats” during the extended period.

The mayor also recommended that DHS coordinate with the Department of Defense, Justice Department, Congress and the Supreme Court to develop a “Security and Federal Forces Plan” for all federal reasons.

Bowser wrote that drawing up a federal plan with these agencies would allow the D.C. would allow them to “focus on their local mission”.

The mayor added that the city had requested a pre-disaster statement under the Stafford Act.

The Security Recommendations “are essential to demonstrate our collective determination to secure the constitutional transfer of power and capital to our nation in the days before that,” wrote Bowser.

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