D.C. National Guard activated to respond to pro-Trump protests

Context: Protests broke out in the capital this summer after police killed George Floyd in Minneapolis. While some of the early protests included looting and damage to local businesses, Bowser never called the National Guard.

Against the mayor’s wishes, Trump ordered security guards into the city, where the military faced backlash for using overly aggressive crowd control tactics against peaceful protesters, including helicopters flying low over the city to produce rotor wash, an action that was used in conflicts overseas.

In this week: Congress on Wednesday will confirm Biden’s electoral college win, despite several Republican lawmakers having announced they will object to the results in their states after the president falsely claimed he lost the election due to widespread fraud. The efforts on Capitol Hill are unlikely to change the election result.

Protests are coming: Four rallies are planned across the city on Wednesday. Online chatters suggest the protests could turn violent. NPR reports.

Trump card tweeted that he “will be there” for at least one of the rallies in the White House Ellipse, due to begin Wednesday at 9 a.m. Meetings are expected CNBC reported at the Washington Monument, Freedom Plaza and the Capitol. Permit requests to the National Park Service predict that thousands of people will attendaccording to USA Today.

No weapons: Bowser ordered that National Guard personnel should not be armed when responding to the protests and that they would not conduct surveillance, search or seize protesters.

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