Dad accuses 'sadistic yobs' of trying to 'stab kids' at playground

A horrified father blew up “sadistic” screams claiming they stuck needles in a rope swing in a playground to intentionally wound children – after his daughter stabbed one.

Callan Davies bicycled his children to Witton Country Park in Blackburn, Lancashire for some fresh air and stopped at the playground during their visit late last month.

The father of three rushed to eight-year-old Georgia Davies when she called out that something sharp was penetrating her.

To the horror of the 32-year-old security guard, he discovered, as he claims, two needles deliberately stuck in the rope swing – which he believes were planted to deliberately injure children.

After Callan checked her and found that she hadn’t pierced her skin, he reported the passing park rangers to the passing park rangers.

He is now talking about their worrying find to warn parents to be vigilant when visiting playgrounds with their children.

Callan, of Blackburn, Lancashire, said: “It’s sadistic to push needles in a children’s rope swing.

“It sounds like stupid yobs trying to hurt children who don’t think about the consequences.

“There were two needles in there, and I put my hand straight across the floor to check that there was nothing [else] stick out sharply.

“I was really shocked and very angry about it. Needles like these can harm someone.

“They were placed where a child would stand or sit on the bottom of the rope swing [was planned] work in more and more.

“Fortunately, Georgia steadily sat down and said she felt something sharp in her skin and just jumped off.

“It pressed on her but didn’t pierce her skin, which is what I was most concerned about.”

Horrified Callan urges parents to be vigilant when visiting playgrounds with their children

Outdoor lover Callan brought Bailey Davies, 10, nine-year-old Ruby Davies, nine, and eight-year-old Georgia to the park with 22-year-old friend Katie Hayhurst at lunchtime.

Callan said, “We just felt like going for a walk, we were bored of being stuck with the weather, the kids wanted to play and were excited to get off their bikes.”

“It was a nice sunny day, there was a little assault course with bikes that they rode and then we went to the park. They had a few tries with all of the different things.

“My youngest Georgia went to that rope swing, she slowly sat down and then she said something scratched her.

“As soon as Georgia sat up I checked her and then checked the swing and there were two pins sticking out.

“Fortunately, she didn’t sit down tight because it would have pierced her skin.”

The needles were reportedly tucked in the middle of the lower part of the rope swing, where children would stand or sit.

Callan shared his discovery online - and garnered over 2,500 likes, shares, and comments from similarly shocked parents

Callan said, “Some people said it was just wear and tear on the metal parts in the swing, but I don’t think it is that they are falling apart, these are sticking through.

“I checked it out because I’ve seen a lot of social media posts over the past few years with people putting razor blades and glass on slides and climbing poles in playgrounds.”

Callan shared his discovery online to ensure parents and children are aware of the potential dangers lurking on playground equipment.

The warning post has collected more than 2,500 likes, shares and comments.

Callan said, “I wanted to share it and warn other parents and kids, I knew how fast it was going to get around on social media.

“I think [whoever’s done this] is disgusting. If I saw someone do it I would go absolutely crazy, it’s so mean to harm children. “

Blackburn, with the Darwen Borough Council, which oversees the park, was asked for comment.


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