Dad and son photo 'shadowy figure' hovering in bedroom – but are too scared of annoying ghoul to call medium

A father and son sat there, “freaking out” after capturing a shadowy figure in front of the camera, who floats through their guest room like the ghoul from the terrible horror The Conjuring – but they are too afraid to be a medium if they “*** * off” the entity.

Marc Wahlberg has been wary of the room in his Oldham home for several years as his three dogs avoid it and growl at things while mysterious footsteps can be heard even though it is empty.

After son Zachary (26) noticed “strange smells” and self-moving objects in July, he set up a camera in July to investigate and what they had caught convinced the previously “skeptical” duo that some sinister forces were at work.

Recordings made after the motion sensor was triggered show a mysterious black shadow crossing the room in a scene that Marc compared to a scene straight out of the horror film The Conjuring.

The 49-year-old painter says the photos “shocked” him and Zachary and people urged them to call a medium despite the duo’s fear of disturbing the spirit and decided to put up with it until moving out next month.

Marc said, “It’s been happening for the last two years. Things would be lost, I would hear strange noises. But I didn’t think much about it.

“Things will be lost too. I always leave my wallet downstairs by the microwave, but the next thing I know it’s in a drawer in the upstairs room.

“My son, Zachary, tends to leave his keys by the door, but then they end up in the middle of the kitchen floor. These are heavy keys – they don’t just fall down, bark, come down and the keys are on the floor.

“When Zachary came to stay with me, I gave him the back bedroom and he kept saying that he smelled strange smells. At first I just thought, ‘Oh, whatever, it must be the neighbors’.

“Zachary compared the smell in the room to a wide-open trash can. He always has candles on to mask him.

“I’m a little skeptical so I didn’t really believe in this supernatural stuff.

“Zachary decided he had enough and bought a camera that would take still photos but not video. She had a motion detector.

“When we saw what the trigger for taking pictures was, we thought of all we could to expose it.

“But this shadowy thing appeared next to the bed, in the corner, above the bed, everywhere. We had no explanation for it.

“We just started doing research to find out. We kept wondering if it was a fly, but I thought, ‘You can see right through, how can that cause such a black shadow?’

“He’s not that easy to be frightened, but he didn’t like that shadowy black figure at all. When it comes to dark shadows crawling across the bed, we didn’t like that. It really freaked us out.

“It really makes you feel uncomfortable. Zachary hates flies, he can’t stand the buzz, so he keeps his window closed and always checks when he comes in. It was definitely not a fly.

“I don’t know what it could be. But when I saw the bullet shoot up in the video, I thought, ‘This is not just a fly or a blur’.

“It reminds me of The Conjuring.”

Marc's three chow chows, Mishka, four, Yashma, four, and Thor, two, are all now afraid to venture upstairs

The eerie images caused the former skeptic Marc to reconsider his beliefs and “sneaked out” him and his son.

Marc said: “It scared us life. It’s something we didn’t expect.

“You can watch as many programs on the paranormal as you like, but until you see or experience it you will not understand it.”

Marc’s three chow chows, Mishka, four, Yashma, four, and Thor, two, are all afraid to venture upstairs and have been known to growl in seemingly empty spaces.

Marc said, “My dogs started looking and growling in corners of the room. Then you start to feel insecure. Especially when all three look into a corner, it really scared me.

“Even if you’re in the way of their line of sight, they’ll move to the side and keep growling at the corner.

“My dogs won’t go upstairs. None of them will go. It’s strange because every dog ​​would love to go upstairs.

“I’ve had people mention getting some incense sticks or some medium in. But I’m moving in a couple of weeks, I don’t want to screw it up, so it follows me.

“It makes you think back to the things that you exposed earlier. I will definitely keep documenting it to see what happens. “

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