Dad breaks down sobbing as son pays off entire mortgage

One father was in tears when his son admitted that he managed to repay his father’s entire mortgage.

The father sobbed during a viral video that was widely circulated on the internet.

The father was informed by his son that he had repaid his mortgage – a touching gesture to help his father retire early.

Richard Nyland was in tears after his son Jamie announced that he had repaid the balance of his mortgage so he could return early and not have to worry.

Jamie, who lives in Gloucestershire, has over 2.3 million followers on TikTok and thousands of subscribers on YouTube.

He shared the footage on Tik Tok and saw it spread like wildfire.

The 24-year-old enters his father’s bedroom and gives him a set of house keys.

“I just paid off your mortgage,” he says.

“No you didn’t,” replies the father, but Jamie says he did.

“I paid off your mortgage,” he repeats.

“I literally just called the bank and paid back every penny on your mortgage. You own the whole house now.”

“I swear.

“You worked all your life and I just paid your whole house for you so you can actually retire now.”

Richard breaks down and tells Jamie that he loves him – and adds, “It’s in the will, the house is yours, what is mine is yours and I love you so much too.”

“You’re the best son in the world you can have,” he adds.


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