Dad jailed after arranging to meet 'schoolgirl' at McDonald's for sex while his wife was at work

A father of two was jailed after trying to meet a 13-year-old girl at a McDonald’s so he could take her into his house for sex.

Our sister site Liverpool echo reports that 41-year-old Gareth Rogers was hoping the child he befriended online could be his “friend with benefits” while his wife was at work.

In fact, the pervert from New Ferry near Liverpool had been talking to an undercover cop the whole time.

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And when he showed up at the McDonald’s restaurant, he was immediately arrested.

at Liverpool Crown Court, Rogers admitted trying to sexually communicate with a child, meeting a child after sexual foster care, and inciting sexual activity in a child.

He was imprisoned for two years and four months.

Rogers also admitted to taking, owning, and distributing a naughty picture of a Category C child.

The court heard the officer create the decoy profile on the Kik Messenger messaging app on November 15, 2019.

Prosecutor David Watson said the officer posing as “Lily” received a message on January 22, 2020 from East Germany in 1980 that said he was 39 years old.

Rogers said, “I want to chat, flirt, maybe more, hoping to hear from you soon, Gareth.”

They exchanged messages when Rogers said he wanted to share nude photos, that he worked from home for a software company, and that Lily should delete their chats.

Mr Watson said Rogers asked Lily “if she harmed herself” – “which suggests prosecutors are talking about sexual behavior” – and the officer found he had been a member of Kik Messenger for 441 days.

On January 23, Lily repeated that she was 13 years old, but Rogers asked for a photo of her, which was rejected, and then sent a portrait of himself.

The Liverpool echo According to reports, Watson told the court, “He said he was looking for someone to help him out of the rut his wife had created.”

On January 27, Rogers told Lily to be “careful” because of her age, and on January 30, she said she was “a bite”.

On February 18, he told her he was looking for “a girlfriend with benefits” before asking her what kind of sex she was willing to have and named three different types.

The prosecutor said, “He suggested meeting Lily, who told him she wasn’t going to school. He gave the dates that were best for him since his wife was at work.”

On February 19, Rogers agreed to meet her at McDonald’s two days later.

Mr Watson said, “The defendant said if it was their first time they could do as little or as much as they wanted.”

Rogers also asked for nude photos, which he said would help her overcome the “hurdle”.

On February 20th, he asked if she was a police officer or had any links with the police, but he continued the meeting.

He was arrested outside the restaurant.

Mr. Watson said, “He claimed he was going to meet Lily to tell her nothing would happen between them.

“In fact, prosecutors say, the last message he sent suggested that they order something to eat so they could eat it in his car on the way back to his house.”

Rogers confessed that he thought Lily was 13 years old, said he was “stupid” and that he “didn’t know why he hadn’t quit earlier”.

Cheryl Mottram, who defended herself, said her client, who has no criminal record, was “genuinely remorseful”.

She said, “He can’t really give an explanation as to why he got involved in the chat he was engaging in during the time he was doing, and he finds it difficult in his own head to behave during that time reconcile with the man he was up to that point. “

Ms. Mottram said “fortunately” that the girl was not real, but that his actions had “far-reaching consequences, not just for him”.

She said Rogers’ wife received “ridicules” from people in the ward who knew what he was being tried for.

The lawyer said his partner was left alone and found it “very emotionally distressing” but Rogers “was only her own fault”.

Ms. Mottram said her client was no longer working, but as the main breadwinner he was now borrowing money from his father to pay off her mortgages and bills.

Judge Anil Murray said Rogers believed he was talking to a 13-year-old girl when he was dating her.

He said, “I understand the devastation this must is having on your family, but as Ms. Mottram says, I’m afraid this is your fault.

“You let your wife fight with the children.”

Judge Murray read a letter from Rogers’ wife “to say she has forgiven you” and “otherwise you are a wonderful father.”

After Judge Murray imprisoned him for two years and four months, he said Rogers must enroll on the sex offender registry and abide by a sexual harm prevention order for 10 years.

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