Dad outraged after school tells him daughter shouldn't be off with period pains

One father got angry after being told that his daughter should NOT leave school because of period pain.

The father has criticized the school’s approach to his daughter’s pain.

Marcus Alleyne was told by the school that “severe period pains” were not a legitimate reason to take sick leave.

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Speak with Plymouth Livehe said, “If I had said that she had migraines, I would not have this conversation.

“I’ve been thinking about what we could do. I contacted the school to arrange a meeting with the student welfare officer, but I haven’t heard anything yet. “

He added: “I am a proud father of incredibly brave, wild and strong girls.

“I’m sure a lot of women would agree that at some point they had clearly suffered from dysmenorrhea, yes there is actually a medical term for ‘period pain’.

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“The reason for this terminology is because it is a globally recognized condition with a variety of approaches to treatment, from over-the-counter pain relief and a hot water bottle to surgery.

“By not letting absences due to dysmenorrhea do what you do by considering them unauthorized, it shows very marked differences, and registering absences as illicit for a disease that affects women only is clear evidence.

“Not only do we need to make significant changes to the institutions responsible for nurturing our young women and future female leaders, we also need to educate the prehistoric mindsets of policymakers and decision-makers.”

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