Dad praised for his 'respectful' approach to taking his daughter into public toilets

One father was praised for his “respectful” approach to taking his daughter to public toilets.

Blogger Muhammed Nitoto found a solution for dads who are out with their daughters and aren’t sure what to do when they say they need the bathroom, MirrorOnline Reports.

Nitoto, who on. posts Instagram under the username @chroniclesofdaddy, took an unorthodox approach to dealing with the problem, but one that has been praised by hundreds of people.

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In an Instagram post, the blogger explained that he takes his daughter to the ladies’ room himself, always making sure to treat other women who use the toilet as respectfully as possible.

In the post he wrote: “When father was out with his daughters, I never thought that the bathroom would be as big as it is.

“We usually went to places and they have family toilets – which are for people with children – but I found that most places don’t and fathers have to choose between taking their daughters into the men’s or the ladies .

“I’ve been to a man’s bathroom a million times now, but when you go in with your daughter you see it completely differently. Men’s toilets are disgusting. They smell like piss, and nothing is set up for a woman or a person with a child. The changing table was right next to the urinal, which means my child would literally be next to where men pee, which is being changed. Not to mention men walking in and out while you’re inside. “

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Instead, Muhammad leads his daughters to the women’s toilets – and make sure that he announces his presence at all times.

He added, “I try to be as respectful of women as possible, which is to knock on the door before entering and announcing myself. Making sure when someone is inside they know I am a dad coming in with their daughter and making sure they are comfortable with that.

“When I’m in our stable now, I still notice the door and when I hear it open and someone new comes in, I’ll get in touch again and make sure they know that I’m with my child, with that don’t be surprised. ”

The father also praised women’s bathrooms for being “so much cleaner” than men’s, and said his decision was influenced by his desire to “protect” his daughter as best he could.

He said, “Women’s bathrooms are so much cleaner and perfectly decorated just in case they have kids.

“The changing room is usually in a cubicle instead of just outside and is always clean.

“As a girl’s father, I can’t help but protect my daughters from everything that is not for them, and the men’s room is 100% part of it.”

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