Dad rustles up 'Brit on beach' Sunday Roast – and it looks like Benidorm's Madge

A cheeky father rustled a British summer-inspired Sunday roast that turned the chicken into a “sunburned” woman – that’s a dead alarm clock for Benidorm legend Madge.

Paul Harvey created a tin foil bikini for his raw chicken before generously sprinkling sauce granules over his pale flesh and beating them in the oven for two hours.

The 50-year-old even placed teaspoons over the chicken’s “chest” to create a defined bikini cup line, and then spent an hour carefully carving tiny carrot boots for the bathing beauty.

Inspired by “boiled over” Brits on the beach, she wore a potato head, purple cauliflower hair, and a “humility mark” and appeared to have hard tan lines.

Father of two Paul then laid the figure on a polenta bed to create the impression that the woman was sunbathing on the beach.

Social media users praised street food chef Paul’s craftsmanship, claiming the finished product was a dinner look-alike from chain-smoking Madge Harvey from hit sitcom Benidorm.

The Facebook post shared on June 6th went viral, generating more than 5,100 likes, shares, and comments.

Paul from Swadlincote, Derbyshire said, “When I saw the cooked chicken I just laughed at it, it really made me laugh.

“When I took it out of the oven, my father Graham was visiting. He asked ‘Oh what is that?’ and took off the cover.

“His face was a picture, he said, ‘What the hell is that?’

“I’ve seen Benidorm and it definitely looks like Madge. It’s just a little fun, I don’t take it seriously.

“The response was great, I loved reading the comments. It’s great to make people laugh and that’s why I did it.”

Facebook users raved about the dish.

One social media user wrote: “It looks like Madge before Benidorm.”

Another commented, “I know a few people who get like this, lol, you know who you are.”

A third wrote, “That got my night out to see this lol. I’m not the only one wanting me in this crazy rush to pack up and get away. Just love the nice tan on your bird, lol.”

After Paul launched the fun poultry dish last June, he decided to recently share the picture as a review.

Paul said, “I made dinner last year when I had a chicken that was out of date. Otherwise the chicken would have disappeared in the garbage can.

A cheeky dad brought in a British summer-inspired Sunday roast with one

“I hate throwing things away so I decided to have some fun with them. It was a spontaneous idea – I just made it up over time.

“The carrot shoes took forever to carve as they were quite complicated.

“It took me a good hour to do them – it took me about 30 minutes for each one.

“I cooked the cauliflower ‘hair’ and a little more below for humble reasons because there was a big hole there and it didn’t look right.

“The polenta should give it the right beach effect.”

This is not the first time Paul has conjured up whimsical dishes, he has already made a giant “foot loaf” – a foot made of minced meat and a Cookie Monster burger.

Paul said, “I made a big foot out of outdated ground beef last year – instead of meatloaf, it’s ‘feet’.

“The toenails were made of onions and there was a cheese toppings – that was absolutely disgusting.”

Although he has a repertoire of fun brands, Paul said he doesn’t have any plans for others yet.

Paul said, “I haven’t set anything new in stone yet. I don’t really plan it, it’s just ideas out of hand.”


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