Dad says school 'like military camp' as daughter gets two-hour detention

An angry father says a school is “more like a military camp” after his daughter was detained two hours after school for violating uniform rules four times.

Adam Taylor says daughter Caitlin, 14, failed to adhere to the strict new rules at her school and was held back for two hours as a result.

The punishment included asking Caitlin to fill out a “correctional reflection document”. In response, she wrote: “I haven’t done anything, so can’t see why I’m here, tbh,” reports StokeonTrentLive.

Each 30-minute “correction” is given to every student at St. Peter’s Academy in Fenton every time they break one of six rules.

The rules relate to behavior, punctuality, correct uniform, inappropriate language, responses and making sure they have their student organizer.

It is believed that Caitlin’s violations related to four uniform offenses.

Adam received a text message from the school at 1:46 p.m. on Friday. It said, “Caitlin got four corrections today, so we have a two-hour correction after school. End of 5pm.”

He said, “It’s more like a military camp. I received a text message an hour before school closed informing me that she had to be detained. One of the fixes was for a wrong sports top which is my fault.

The text that Adam received on the same day was given four corrections to his daughter Caitlin (Image: Adam Taylor)

“These new rules didn’t start until Monday when they went back to school.

“My daughter was there until 5 p.m. In a few months at 5 p.m. it will be pitch black on the way home.

“I know where school comes from – you have to discipline the children. But if someone is two minutes late for school, they get one of those 30-minute fixes. When they speak in a lesson they get a correction.

Dad says school 'like military camp' as daughter gets two-hour detention 1

A “correction form” that Caitlin filled out while in custody (Image: Adam Taylor)

“You can get four or five of these all day.

“I just think it’s going too far. You have to sit in the hallway, be quiet or fill out one of those stupid correction forms. “

St. Peter’s Academy has declined to comment on the matter.

In a letter to parents, Headmaster Michael Astley said, “Starting in September, we will be introducing ‘learning habits’ to staff and students where all students meet six basic expectations in each lesson.

“If a student fails to meet these expectations, they will be given a 30-minute correction session for each time they fail for up to 120 minutes.

“These correction sessions are held on the same day, unless it happened during the fifth period and is carried over to the next day. The parents will be informed on this day before 2 p.m.

“During these sessions, students will reflect on their study habits and practice getting them right for the next day.”

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