Dad who killed wife and child then slept with their bodies sentenced to death

A father was sentenced to death after murdering his pregnant wife and four-year-old daughter and then sleeping with their bodies for a week.

Teo Ghim Heng, 45, strangled Choong Pei Shan, 39, with a towel after arguing with her about finances.

After Heng murdered his wife, who was six months pregnant, he decided to kill their daughter Zi Ning, who, according to Channel News Asia, was crying when she was strangled to death.

The vicious animal was convicted of two murders and sentenced to death on November 12 in Singapore Daily star Reports.

It was said that Ms. Pei Shan insulted her husband in front of her daughter before Heng strangled her with the towel and then used his hands to finish the job.

Then Heng put the bodies of his wife and daughter on a bed and slept next to them for seven days.

He had planned to commit suicide to “reunite the family” but failed despite multiple attempts to do so.

He set fire to the corpses and tried to lie down next to them, but got “nuts” from the heat.

Their bodies were exposed when Heng’s brother-in-law visited the address after his sister failed to attend the usual Chinese New Year celebrations or reply to his messages and calls.

Dad who killed wife and child then slept with their bodies sentenced to death 1

Since he had no access to the property, he went to the police.

Heng looked “shocked” when he opened the door to officers and went straight to his brother-in-law’s face to tell him that his sister was dead.

Previously, Heng was earning around S $ 20,000 a month as a top real estate agent, but the couple’s money problems had led to frequent arguments.

He also suspected that his daughter was not his after finding his wife with another man in October 2014.

But when he lost his job, he ran up gambling debts, credit card bills, and school fees for his daughter’s education that he couldn’t pay and that he kept putting off, the court heard.

Prosecutors said Heng lied to the police and defense psychiatrist in support of a defense of the reduced responsibility.

Dad who killed wife and child then slept with their bodies sentenced to death 2

Prosecutors argued that Heng maintained his mental abilities at the time, as he was able to describe how his wife allegedly verbally abused him in great detail and how he killed his family.

Defense attorneys, led by Eugene Thuraisingam, said Heng suffered from major depressive disorder and was severely and suddenly provoked.

They asked the court to convict Heng of culpable murder other than murder.

Justice Kannan Ramesh dismissed Heng’s defense of severe and sudden provocation, ruling that he did not meet the criteria for major depressive disorder at the time of the murders.

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The judge pointed out various factors including Heng’s job performance and his ability to conjure up multiple lies after the incident, which was “evidence of smart cognitive abilities”.

Heng was handed the maximum sentence for murder in Singapore, namely death.

His legal team intends to appeal the conviction and verdict.

Heng also faced a third unborn fetus death charges, which were withdrawn after being sentenced Thursday.


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