Daines holds Montana Senate seat for GOP

Daines holds Montana Senate seat for GOP

The Senate Leadership Fund, the Republican super-PAC, took the unusual step of running ads against Bullock while he was running for president in case he later entered the Senate race.

Daines, who was elected to the Senate in a 2014 landslide after serving a term as sole representative of the Montana House of Representatives, has been a trusted Senate supporter of President Donald Trump, including voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act that made Bullock possible To renew Medicaid. Daines was also one of the most aggressive voices in Congress against Chinese trade practices and foreign policy.

During the campaign, however, Daines also emphasized bipartisan politics such as an environmental protection law that Trump signed earlier this year and that was popular in the state. In his health care positions, Daines said it was “highly unlikely” that the Supreme Court would fail to comply with the Affordable Care Act, adding that it supported coverage for patients with pre-existing medical conditions, although he did not provide details.

Daines also accused Bullock, in line with the Democratic Party’s liberal wing on gun control, suggesting that Bullock’s environmental views would limit the state’s coal mining industry.

Bullock campaigned for his non-partisan achievements over two terms as governor, including working with a Republican-led legislature to expand Medicaid. When he ran for president last year, Bullock backed raising the federal minimum wage to $ 15 an hour, increasing paid vacation, introducing universal background checks on gun purchases, banning offensive weapons, and limiting dark money in politics .


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