Dakota Johnson, Chris Martin team up on hilarious hand-washing video

Thanks to COVID-19, we have all become experts in washing your hands well in recent weeks.

But according to actress Olivia Wilde, it is now possible to crown someone as a real hand wash champion.

Wilde posted an Instagram video on Thursday from her boyfriend, “Fifty Shades” actress Dakota Johnson, with a hand washing tutorial that is funny, informative, and a bit exaggerated.

“Dakota Johnson: Hand wash CHAMPION,” captioned Wilde the video.

“Olivia! Hey! It’s Dakota! Thank you so much for asking me to tell you how to wash my hands because I’ve waited all my life for someone to ask me, ”Johnson tells the camera. of introduction. She gestures a lot while speaking, hands move quite convulsively.

And as she starts walking her audience while running water and using a soap dispenser it becomes clear that that’s the case Surely not with her hands clapping everywhere.

In fact, they are her friend Chris Martin’s! (You can tell by the tattoos, if nothing else.)

Dakota Johnson (and Chris Martin’s hands) keep it clean.oliviawilde / Instagram

At some point, the dispenser falls into the sink and from there it gets crazier.

“I love to scrub them very, very quickly, but I like to lower them a little because sometimes I punch myself in the face,” says Johnson. Then some soap gets in her hair and Martin starts taking care of her brunette locks.

“Oh, and I’d love to wash my hair when it’s dirty, because sometimes my dirty hair gets in the way,” she jokes.

We have to give her props to keep a straight face!

Martin and Johnson have been dating since 2017, so it’s no surprise that they spend their quarantine time together.

In recent weeks, actors, musicians, the CDC and school experiments have shown us how important it is to take the time to really scrub those hands. Generally, a washing machine should spend at least 20 seconds, or the equivalent of singing “Happy Birthday” twice, at the sink.

But so far we have not heard that you should wash your hair every time. Even if you want to become a champion!

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