Dashbike, The Rear Bike Light That Also Records What’s Behind Uou

dash bike: The road has become the place where more vehicles coexist than motorcycles and cars. The former are more fragile than the latter, but now there are electric skates and bicycles, which are becoming increasingly important. But now riders will have the help of dash bike to capture on video what goes on behind them on each outing.

This is the dashcam for cyclists

Many have bought a dashcam to avoid being scammed and have proof of an accident. For those who don’t know, they are cameras installed on the dashboard of the car and capture everything that happens from the driver’s point of view so that everything that happens can be seen by the driver. But in the case of cyclists, the danger is sometimes behind us and proving a range is impossible.

For this, the recently founded company Dashfactory presents its product called dash bike. It’s a simple device that goes through a position light for your bike, although it hides more than one trick. On the outside, it’s a housing that hooks onto the back of the saddle and has an IP67 rating to resist water and dust. At the end there is a system of red lights that indicate whether the cyclist is braking depending on their intensity or their position in low visibility situations.

But inside the device we find the most interesting: a video camera that records everything that happens behind the cyclist. There is the option to send the images to the person’s phone or to the internal storage of 16 GB. The goal: to obtain evidence from an improper scope. In fact, dash bike has GPS to find you on the map and a fall arrest system to track when a collision has occurred and confirm this with the images.

In campaign time

dash bike is a device that can help many on their journey. It is made in Germany and the price is 200 euros for anyone who wants it from them. The good thing is that the crowdfunding campaign has already reached and exceeded its limit, so production is in place and delivery will be in effect from August 2021.

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