Date given for the HarmonyOS beta from Huawei!

Date given for the HarmonyOS beta from Huawei!

Huawei has given a date for the HarmonyOS beta, the operating system. As you know, the conflict between the US government and Huawei has ended in favor of the China-based technology giant since last year. Because Huawei could not offer Google services in its new models, it started on its own operating system for this reason. It’s pretty ambitious for HarmonyOS, which is going to offer it for Huawei smartphones, which has been rolling up its sleeves for a while to improve it.

Date for the HarmonyOS beta

With a new statement, the first Huawei HarmonyOS beta for smartphones will be available to developers on December 18. The operation of the first demo units will thus take place until January or February. In addition to this news announced by Wang Chenglu, head of Huawei’s software division, it was also said that Huawei wanted to create an ecosystem.

Harmony OS betası

Huawei wants to create a new ecosystem around Harmony OS here and is working hard on this. Chenglu says they have made progress so far and says they will continue to implement their plans at full speed. Also, according to initial reports, the beta version is said to be released to users in the first quarter of 2021.

You know that the new US president Joe Biden has been elected. It is of course possible to take a softer stance towards Huawei, but still Huawei doesn’t seem to stop offering HarmonyOS to users. In this case, we hear the impending footsteps of a new era.


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