'Deleting Facebook helped me lose 5st'

One slim woman revealed how deleting her Facebook account helped her lose five stones in lockdown.

Brenda Finn, 33, of Woodside Park in north London, has also stepped away from Instagram and Twitter, citing the lack of those platforms in her life as the reason she lost the pounds.

The self-employed candle maker said she was “always a bit chubby”, but saw herself rise to size 22 between 2016 and 2019 due to poor eating habits.

After eating the 15th in August 2020, which made her nibble and distracted her from being active.

The avowed social media addict went cold so she had “no excuses,” and after deleting her accounts entirely, found that her weight began to drop.

Now at a healthy 9st 10lb height – after losing more than a third of her body weight – Brenda said if she hadn’t deleted her social media, she could never have lost the weight.

“When I realized how much Facebook and Instagram were detracting from my progress, I stopped myself from everything,” she said.

“That was a high point for me – it was hard to say goodbye to my social media, but it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

“I had struggled to lose even a few pounds, but as soon as I let go of her, I saw the weight go down.

“Now, in 5th place, I can’t believe how good I feel – I am fitter, eat healthily and feel so much more alive.”

Her diet had consisted of piles of junk food, like pints of sugary milkshakes and endless bags of crisps, and she even admitted that her breakfast had consisted of a whole bag of Haribo sweets each day.

But when she looked in the mirror one day, she remembered a turning point – and realized how dissatisfied she was with her size.

She said, “I remember thinking, ‘How did I get so big?'”

Over time, she began to notice where all of her cravings came from – an addiction to social media.

She continued, “As I scrolled down my feed, I saw endless cakes, ice cream, sugary drinks and pizzas. It was a constant subliminal message telling me to go and have a snack.

“As soon as I realized what was happening, I realized what I had to do – that was a high point for me.”

After leaving Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, she revealed, “At first I kept picking up my phone to check my social media before realizing I couldn’t. It was so hard to do, but I knew it was the right thing to do. “

Despite the challenges, she learned calories to improve her diet and invested in some indoor exercise equipment.

Within a week, she began to see the weight drop. And the more it fell off, the more she began to see her size 22 clothes sag and her fitness improve.

She was less tempted by high-calorie snacks and became more motivated as she neared her 10th weight loss goal.

It reached 11th place in May 2021, while it finally hit the magic number of 10 in September 2021.

After continuing her new healthy lifestyle, Brenda is now a slim size 12 and is aiming to hit the 9th mark after shattering her original goal.

And she owes it all to giving up her social media – and insists that she “would never have lost more than a stone” if she hadn’t.

She said, “This has completely changed my attitudes towards food, exercise and my body.

“Now I wake up every day and I just feel so light and alive – I never realized I felt heavy before, but looking back I feel like a different person.

“Deleting my social media was the best decision I’ve ever made – it helped me lose 5th place!”

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