Democratic Voters Want More Than the Status Quo

2020 DC

The street celebrations when Donald Trump was finally declared the loser will not dispel the democratic obscurity of the 2020 election results. Even in victory, the Democrats again failed to form a ruling coalition. Joe Biden scored the highest overall vote of any presidential candidate in history with over 75 million votes, but Donald Trump scored the second largest total at over 71 million, despite having a record 230,000 deaths from the pandemic. a collapsed economy and unprecedented mendacity and incompetence. The Democrats’ high hopes of taking over the Senate were reduced to the result of two runoff elections in Georgia in early January. Instead of expanding their majority, the House Democrats lost their seats. And worst of all, Democrats did not gain ground in state legislaturesAccording to the new census, Republicans are responsible for designing five times as many congressional districts as Democrats. With the exception of Biden’s razor-thin victory, Donald Trump’s Republican Party consolidated its minority power.

The allegations began when Trump continued to deny defeat. First-time representative Abigail Spanberger, a former CIA analyst, blamed the left for losses in controversial suburbs for speaking about “socialism” and “defusing the police”. James Clyburn, the third-tier member of the House, even warned against coming across the increasingly popular “Medicare for all” or “socialized medicine” proposal. Conor Lamb, who survived a tough race in a district northwest of Pittsburgh, lamented the attacks on fracking, arguing that the left needed news discipline.

Say what? Democrats chose Joe Biden, not Bernie Sanders, to run the ticket. Biden essentially ran a sequel to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 race plus the pandemic. Once again, the focus was on Trump’s character and incompetence, as opposed to Biden’s empathy and experience. Trump’s deadly botching of the pandemic was positive evidence. While Biden embraced what Sanders called the most advanced platform of any candidate, it received little attention. He specifically and repeatedly declined support for Medicare for All and the Green New Deal, advocated fracking and mocked Trump’s insane allegations of socialism, and reminded voters that he was not a Bernie. It is poisonously insincere to blame the left for reversals in an election campaign that explicitly rejected its message and strategy. If democratic candidates in contested districts have actually lost votes on hyperbolic allegations of socialism, it is their own fault.

Indeed as The nationKatrina vanden Heuvel noted in The Washington Post, Many left platform planks are more popular than the Democratic candidates. Florida voters overwhelmingly exceeded the $ 15 minimum wage despite voting for Donald Trump. Medicare for All is supported by a majority of Americans, if not Democratic officials. Despite Trump’s vitriolic, racial attacks on “mobs” burning down cities, most voters continued to support the Black Lives Matter movement. ONE Monmouth University survey This summer showed that even most Republicans have translated “defusing the police” into a call for reform, not elimination.



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