Democrats call for $12B boost in State, USAID budget

“If this year has taught us anything, the biggest threats to our country really aren’t foreign armies,” Murphy said in a statement. “We need to maintain the strongest military in the world, but we need to be smarter about national security challenges that can only be met with non-military solutions.”

Legislature proposes increasing the international affairs budget, which covers the State Department and USAID, from $ 56.6 billion to $ 68.7 billion a copy of their plan.

To a large extent, they echo President Joe Biden and top officials’ arguments about the need to rethink foreign policy priorities. The Biden government in particular is concerned about competing with the ambitious communist government in Beijing.

Cicilline highlighted similar concerns.

“In the past decade, China has doubled its diplomatic budget and expanded its malicious sphere of influence,” he said in a statement. “Our diplomats deserve a budget that meets their needs and enables them to do the critical work for the security of our country.”

Legislators will provide more details on its proposal later Tuesday.

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