Democrats reject GSA offer to delay briefing on transition

The move comes when President Donald Trump refused to allow the election and Murphy praised when she came under dwindling pressure to refuse to support Biden’s transition to power.

On Monday afternoon, the legislators of the two committees rejected the administration’s proposal.

“Every additional day that is wasted is a day when the safety, health and well-being of the American people are at risk as the incoming Biden Harris administration is prevented from fully focusing on the coronavirus pandemic, the dire Economic crisis of our country, prepare our national security, “said Carolyn Maloney, Chair of the House Oversight Committee, Nita Lowey, Chair of the House Appropriations Committee, and representatives Gerry Connolly and Mike Quigley.

Legislators have instead indicated that they want a briefing from Murphy on Tuesday and offered her a number of times during the day as needed. They also offered to set up a conference call if they cannot use video conferencing services.

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