Democrats Should Talk Even More About Defunding the Police

If Democrats are to keep control of the House and Senate in 2022, they should talk more about defusing the police, not less.

The video of Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin killing an unarmed George Floyd last May sparked an international outcry against police brutality, a national racist reckoning of longstanding systemic racism in America, and a demand from the Black Lives Matter movement , “To disappoint the police. “Coinciding with Chauvin’s murder trial and the recent shooting of an unarmed black man, Daunte Wright, in Minnesota, a growing chorus of voices is now saying that Democrats have paid a political price for their closeness to this controversial slogan and should do whatever it takes to keep themselves.” distance themselves from the demand whether they want to prevail in future elections.

However, a deeper look at the 2020 election data reveals that the greatest benefit for Democrats in maintaining their Congressional majorities is to cement their strength by having young people transform and do so by adopting progressive political positions, such as police reform.

The origin of the debate lies in the fact that the Democrats lost several Congressional races they had hoped to win in 2020, reduced their majority in the House of Representatives by 12 seats, and fell short in several U.S. Senate competitions. The blame for the “Defund” slogan began immediately after the November elections, when members of the Democratic House narrowly won re-election vented her anger via attack ads that suggest they are a criminal. This view prevailed in December when former President Barack Obama used the sentence as “snappy slogan“They added,” You’ve lost a huge audience as soon as you say it. ”

And over the past month, several long-range articles reinforced the argument that the slogan proved political poison in the 2020 election. Former Obama employee David Shor analyzed Trump’s surprising strength in some Latino areas stated in an interview with new York magazine“We raised the importance of an ideologically charged issue on which millions of non-white voters disagreed with us.” As a result, Shor claimed, “Conservative Hispanic voters who voted for us despite their ideological leanings were more likely to vote like conservative whites.” Shor’s one-on-one interview was then augmented and expanded when Obama retweeted the article to his 130 million Twitter followers.


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