Democrats Unify on Impeachment as They Explore Urgent Strategies to Nullify Trump

As calls for Donald Trump’s impeachment grew on Saturday, House Democrats banded together to support a strategy to counter the threat posed by a president who called on a mob on Jan. 6 to storm the Capitol, where Members Congressional election of Joe confirmed Biden as Trump’s successor. Three key members of the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee – Representatives David Cicilline from Rhode Island, Ted Lieu from California and Jamie Raskin from Maryland – have won over 175 cosponsors on a draft impeachment trial against Trump, which is expected to be unveiled on Monday and brought in as early as Monday Ready for exam Wednesday.

There were also indications that the House could take additional steps to promote accountability and pressure the Republican-controlled Senate to take the necessary action in the final days of Trump’s presidency. Rather than imagining Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet invoking the 25th Amendment to the Constitution and removing the President, Members of the House are talking about accepting Raskin’s proposal to tooth the provisions of Congressional oversight. And there is a burgeoning discussion of using a constitutional option 14. Amendment To keep Trump from ever taking office again.

The week ahead has the potential for the House to take decisive action on a multi-faceted agenda, the elements of which are outlined below, to address an urgent moment in which the nation will understand what cicillins are called “an attempted coup. It is not asking too much for Democrats to courageously take a series of accountability measures at the same time. In fact, it is the best strategy for dealing with the crisis that arises when the president causes an insurrection.

Any formal action taken to hold Trump accountable will matter now and to posterity. Beth Huang, executive director of Massachusetts Voter Table, is one of the most effective democracy activists in the country. explained After the Capitol attack that killed five people and interrupted confirmation of the results of a presidential election that Trump lost, “I want Trump to be removed so that every fifth grader who asks why Mike Pence was president for 2 days.” “Hears a story about why white supremacy and fascism threaten democracy. Millions of students will ask this question over the next few decades, knowing they must reject fascism. ”

That is what every American with a conscience and honest concern for the fate of the nation should wish for.

It remains to be seen how far Congress will get in the formal project of removing Trump – or forcing his resignation. Nobody is naive; The bitter experience reminds us of the existing party-political and structural barriers. Yet every step that is taken to contain Trump right now, and every step that is taken to protect oneself from future abuses, matters. “This is absolutely about Trump. But it’s about so much more than Trump, ”said Wisconsin Representative Mark Pocan, a key member of the House who is one of the most ardent proponents of bold and immediate action. “If Congress does nothing, if Congress does too little, it will essentially say that the conduct of the past four years, the disregard for the Constitution and democracy, the threat to the ability of elected officials to rule what we do are seen on Wednesday, will be part of who we are, what this country is. “


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