Dems hold New Mexico House seat in special election

Democrat Melanie Stansbury easily won a hotly contested special election for Congress in New Mexico on Tuesday evening, alleviating her party’s fears of a tighter result that could point to a brutal mid-term election next year.

Stansbury, a representative of the state, led Republican Mark Moores, 63 percent to 33 percent, when The Associated Press voted the race in their favor, just over an hour after polling stations closed. Democrats hailed this sizeable margin as a sign that their basic enthusiasm has not waned and that the GOP’s attempt to redouble its “police defuse” attacks has backfired.

The district that includes Albuquerque and its suburbs is deep blue territory. Joe Biden led it with 23 points in 2020, and former incumbent Democrat Deb Haaland won it with 16 points before vacating the seat to become Home Secretary.

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