Dentists' warning over dangerous tooth flossing trend on TikTok

Dentists have warned on social media of dangerous new trends that they say could permanently damage your teeth.

The latest trend at TikTok is for people to brush their teeth with their hair.

The mirror reports user @ unusual but posted a video and wrote, “This hair trick is amazing – you can’t tell me otherwise” while another wrote, “Hair floss … works every time.”

And one user even posted a video where they flossed their girlfriend’s hair and wrote, “Useful tips for doing this with girlfriends.”

Reena Wadia, Founder of RW Perio, said, “Cleaning between your teeth is essential for everyone. Without this cleaning, you may be missing halfway through your mouth.

“However, it is so important to use the right tools to clean between teeth. Failure to use the right tools can lead to trauma and irreversible damage. Things like hair, string, fork, paper. “

Ms. Wadia says the best tools for cleaning between your teeth are interdental brushes.

She added, “These are specially designed to clean plaque and bacteria from between teeth. They come in different sizes and you may need a few for your mouth.

“The brushes have to feel very good in order to function optimally. Floss is great too, but I would only use floss if the interdental brushes don’t fit. “

The trend comes soon after videos showed TikTok users trying to file their teeth to an even length with nail files.

Kami Hoss, CEO of The Super Dentists, told Refinery 29, “You only get one set of adult teeth to last a lifetime.

“If you screw up cutting your own hair, it will grow back in a few weeks, but your tooth structure will be gone forever and the potential damage you can cause is irreversible.”


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