Depression In Children Due To Lack Of Attention, TV And Internet Can Get Suicide Option

Children with depression can be not only young or adults, but children as well. Any child over 6 years old can be a victim of depression. It is normal for a child to be angry or upset, but if the child is showing any unusual signs of silence, it should not be ignored at all. The body language of children suffering from depression can also be explained by their problems. Know the Symptoms of Childhood Depression

According to Dr. Pagya Rashmi, the first symptoms of childhood depression are as follows:

Irritating in nature or very angry, always being unhappy.
A sudden change in sleep, sleeping badly or sleeping too long.
Always be hopeless and give up without trying.
Exhaustion and little energy.

Reduce concentration and make yourself more vulnerable to minor mistakes.
Distance from social activities, less interaction with friends and family.

Panic Attack

According to Dr. Pragya, a panic attack is also called an anxiety attack. In many people this is an early period of depression. Sometimes panic attacks and depression can occur at the same time. Often an anxiety attack remains just an anxiety attack that does not even lead to depression. In such a situation, negativity always takes precedence over sick people.

Being depressed and depressed are both different things.

Dr. Pragya Rashmi says that any child who is silent is not necessarily a victim of depression. The child can also become depressed. If the child is calm, does not talk to anyone, likes darkness, the child may become depressed. But the child does everything but is very slow, he does not enjoy anything, if he is not interested in anything it could be that he is depressed.

Depression in children due to lack of attention

For example, a child likes to swim, and when he used to go swimming, he was happy to chirp, but suddenly he stopped swimming, which means he is depressed.

Causes of Depression in Children

According to Dr. Pragya, after getting a lot of attention together, people often go into depression because they don’t get sudden attention. Therefore, children who gain fame at a young age are at greater risk. Apart from this there is tension in the home, things like family quarrels, sexual abuse, relationships also cause depression in children.

TV and the Internet reveal the possibility of suicide

Dr. Pragya says the number of suicides among four in five children in Asia has increased rapidly in the past 10 years. This is due to the changing lifestyle, biochemical changes, eating fast food and the biggest reason is the media environment.

When kids see someone on TV committing suicide, they realize that if nothing is found, so can we. In children, the ability to adopt rejection begins to decline.

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