Deputy speaker angrily confronts MPs after social distancing fail

MPs participating in the UK second ban debate had a stern testimony from deputy spokeswoman Eleanor Laing after failing to adhere to social distancing measures.

Before the vote, MPs spent the greater part of two hours in the community discussing the issues and concerns surrounding the motion to send England into a second lockdown from 12:01 p.m. tomorrow.

However, when MPs, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson, allowed the community to vote, the deputy spokesman noted that some were violating the socially distant leadership of the House.

“Order, order! Dear members, apart from the front bankers, should please leave this chamber through the doors behind me.”, Said the MP.

She added, “We have to try to maintain social distancing and it’s just wrong for people to …”

Before she was done, the MP shouted, “ORDER! Except for the front bankers, everyone should go through the doors behind me!”

The deputy spokesman orders the deputies to leave correctly a second time

The MP looked at a member of the House and shook her head.

Disbelief was also felt by people who saw the clip again on Twitter.

One said, “These are the people who want us to follow a one-way system around the co-op!”, Another added, “And they wonder why no one else is listening.”

Another tweet read, “This is why the lockdown is not being honored. People are seeing this and Cummings and all kinds of things.” If they don’t, why should we? “And” People actually won’t respect this blocking, are they? “


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