Desperate plea issued after 22 puppies dumped in sub zero temperatures

The puppies were discovered in cardboard boxes in woods and waste grounds – and will likely die if nobody steps in to help Wags ‘n’ Wet Noses Dog Rescue raise money for their care

The puppies were found in cardboard boxes

A desperate plea has been issued after 22 puppies were heartlessly dumped in woods and waste grounds.

The defenseless pups, from three separate litters, were discovered in cardboard boxes at sub zero temperatures.

Left for dead, a concerned resident contacted Wags ‘n’ Wet Noses Dog Rescue, who have been desperately trying to raise enough money to save the dogs’ lives.

The UK-based rescue specializes in rehoming Eastern Europe’s rejected dogs, who have ended up living on the streets or captured by kill shelters.

Carol Hine of Wags ‘n’ Wet Noses said: “We have been alerted to our third abandoned litter within a month and we are desperate for funds to rescue them.

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Three litters were dumped within the same month

“The litters have been dumped and left to die. They are starving and can’t survive without us. Our kennels and foster homes are overflowing.”

Unable to look after the puppies without help, the rescue has launched a GoFundMe page to raise £1,500, which will be spent on food, shelter and emergency care for the dogs.

The puppies, who were abandoned in Serbia, will need to undergo health checks after being taken away from their mum at such a young age.

Launched in 2017, Wags ‘n’ Wet Noses has been striving to make a difference to the lives of ‘forgotten and rejected dogs’.

Carol added: “We are all dog lovers and against cruelty – we just wanted to make a difference.”

One supporter said: “Well done Wags for being there for these pups, despite lacking in funds to help them.

“I hope that everyone who is a Wags supporter can dig a little deep to support not just these babies, but all of the others that Wags are looking after, who are patiently awaiting their special somebody.

“It’s a £1,500 target – and the first of the month – we can smash this before the end of February if we all pull together.”

To support Wags ‘n’ Wet Noses, visit them GoFundMe page.

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