DfE investigating 'free school meals' images shared on Twitter

The Department of Education has announced it is investigating images shared on social media to show “free school meals” sent to families during the lockdown.

The basket is believed to have been sent out by a private contractor hired to distribute food to students who were homeschooled during the lockdown.

A common picture showed two jacket potatoes, several slices of cheese, noodles, a can of beans, yoghurt and a selection of fruits and vegetables.

According to the post from the user @ RoadsideMumThe basket was offered in lieu of £ 30 vouchers.

At midnight on Tuesday (January 11), her picture was shared more than 15,000 times on Twitter.

In a later tweet, the Department of Education agreed to investigate the situation.

It read: “We are investigating this.

“We have clear guidelines and standards for food packages that we are expected to adhere to.

“Packages should be nutritious and contain a variety of foods.”

Angela Rayner, Labor vice-leader and MP for Ashton under Lyne in Greater Manchester, also shared the picture.

She wrote, “What’s going on here?

“If you find yourself in a similar situation and not getting enough #FreeSchoolMeals, please email me.

“If the government allows companies to make money by providing cheap meals to hungry children, we will fight for change.

“No child should go hungry.”

According to the DfE website, the government “will continue to provide schools with expected funding for performance-based free school meals and universal free school meals for young children during this period.”

Under normal circumstances, schools do not offer free meals to eligible children who are not in class.

However, during the national lockdown, the Department of Education “expects” schools to continue to support children who are eligible for performance-based free school meals and who are at home during school hours.


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