DHS whistleblower testimony delayed again amid security clearance dispute

DHS whistleblower testimony delayed again amid security clearance dispute

“It is now clear,” Schiff said in a statement, “that DHS political officers commanded the security clearance process by obstructing and delaying clearance for whistleblower attorneys in order to hamper the committee’s ability to clarify the truth about serious matters Find out allegations. ” Involve senior officials from the DHS and the White House. ”

The DHS rejected the idea that this was a slow release from Zaid, suggesting that pressures to expedite an already accelerated process would require cutting back on serious national security issues.

“The DHS has been working with the committee in good faith and is trying to go through what the Supreme Court calls a” tradition of negotiation and compromise “of adjustment between Congress and the executive,” said a DHS spokesman. “It is the committee that is ignoring the necessary housing process and instead trying to unnecessarily speed up an expansive, undefined investigation.”

The DHS stated that Murphy, who was demoted from the division in July for allegedly using DHS intelligence resources to monitor journalists reporting on protests and riots in Portland, Oregon, had no “knowledge base” about seeks to access the classified information he has classified. “His filing of a complaint does not change that,” said the spokesman.

Zaid said the DHS’s response was “just a joke”, accusing the agency of refusing to process its expedited request for clearance as a delaying tactic.

“It is very common for this type of restricted access to be allowed, especially in such situations, and in other cases I have been given temporary access to TS / SCI,” said Zaid, using the acronym for top secret and sensitive department information. “The DHS did not do this by design and is intended to prevent the deposit.”


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