Dianne Feinstein Is an Embarrassment

She already said it. Now she has said it again.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, who holds one of the safest, most powerful and most lucrative Senate seats in the country, the senior senator from the most liberal state in the Union, reiterated her refusal to vote on Thursday to torpedo the Senate filibuster, which the Republicans veto the popular agenda of President Joe Biden.

“If democracy were in danger, I would want to protect it” she said Forbes On Wednesday. “But I don’t see it in danger at the moment.”

She “doesn’t see it”. That’s enough to worry about Feinstein’s eyesight. And judgment. And more.

Despite the left’s focus on deplorable Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema (Sinema is the worst of the two to me since Arizona’s voters are more liberal than West Virginia’s), the truth is and always has been: there are other Democratic senators who on the other hand, there are those sinking the filibuster, as well as others who oppose one or both of the voting laws that would “protect” our democracy, which is actually “in danger at the moment,” even if the short-sighted Feinstein cannot see it.

Feinstein told us the same thing last September when asked about increasing pressure from the democratic base and liberal senators to sink the filibuster: “I don’t believe in it. I think the filibuster has a purpose…. I think it’s a part of the Senate that is different. ”Back then, I was hoping she would change her mind if her candidate Joe Biden was elected and his agenda passed by the House Democrats and blocked by the Senate GOP .

But she doesn’t.

Sure, she hesitated about the filibuster at times, but these examples are not worth listing here, given her clear and utterly false statement yesterday.

At least nine Senate Democrats have unofficially formed a not-so-progressive caucus to block progressive laws and cast shadows on the abolition of filibusters without always explaining why. In addition to Manchin, Sinema, and (occasionally) Feinstein, there are Jon Tester from Montana, Chris Coons and Tom Carper from Delaware (often viewed as Biden second-in-command in the home state), Angus King from Maine, Maggie Hassan from New Hampshire and Ben. from Maryland to Cardinal. When it came to sinking a $ 15 an hour minimum wage, not only Republicans agreed, but Sinema, Tester, Hassan, King, Coons, and Carper Manchin as well (Feinstein predictably didn’t, as that’s already the law in her it’s on).


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