Dirty Money Season 2 Review It’s A Rich Man’s World Read All Details Here!!

Dirty Money is a Netflix documentary about web television series that follows high-profile cases of corporate corruption in the United States. The reveal show, which debuted its first season in January 2018, received widespread praise from critics and was well received by audiences.

Review: Like last season, each episode stands out as a self-contained story with its own directorial style, although most adhere to the same set of guidelines. The Trump family is in the spotlight again, this time in the form of Jared Kushner and his real estate firm, while everything else, including Formosa’s environmentally damaging plastic plants, custody abuse and Wells Fargo’s big scam, is covered hourly. long episode.

Most of the episodes are balanced, informative and well paced. Each section starts with a broad overview of the case and jumps back in time to see the origins and history of each topic.

Personal interviews and archival footage are combined with diagrams, cartoons, explanatory text and everything else to form the heart of the series. This wouldn’t surprise anyone who has seen the first episode, but the stylistic variations in each episode make it exciting and special.

Every episode packs a fair amount of ingenuity to keep you coming back for more, whether it’s whizzing past front-page news headlines on a black background or an air pollution diagram effortlessly paired with an aerial view of Point Comfort.

It’s one of the reasons the show works so well, and the neutral perspective (aside from the episodes where people, of course, refused to interact with the Netflix crews) helps to provide a balanced perspective in the midst of the overwhelming evidence against them.

Of course, your favorite episodes may differ, but for me, the Guardian and Jared Kushner episodes were the highlights of the show, in part because of the amount of knowledge and emotionally poignant storytelling featured in both. It’s hard to see older men and women losing everything due to power of attorney abuse.

The scenes where a man stands over the ruins of his family home or a desperate mother of three loses everything to Kushner’s ruthlessness are especially moving, but these emotionally charged stories appear throughout the show.

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