'Dirty tricks': Third-party candidate in heated South Carolina Senate race denounces Dem ads

“I’m no longer running for the US Senate, and every effort to encourage people to support me has been deceptive, sneaky and false,” said Bledsoe, calling the ads “dirty tricks” by Harrison and “radical liberals.”

This pushback could come a little late, however. South Carolinians were inundated with various Ads that dwarf Bledsoe’s conservative credentials over the past few weeks. Harrison’s campaign released an ad Earlier this month, he said Graham had changed after 25 years in Washington, calling Bledsoe “too conservative”, highlighting the issues of guns, abortion and support for President Donald Trump card.

This week two outside groups picked up the coat. Duty and Country, a super PAC run by allies of minority leader Chuck Schumer, ran an ad Tuesday that also featured Graham as a “25-year-old Washington insider attacking Trump” and with a clip of Graham , who criticized the president during the 2016 primaries, was met. The ad identifies Harrison as a Democrat who supports Obamacare and calls Bledsoe “too conservative, pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Trump”.

The Lincoln Project, the anti-Trump group also run by former Republican activists ran an ad Tuesday highlighting Bledsoe as a “real deal” conservative.

Bledsoe’s open letter condemning efforts to win his votes is unlikely to outdo the television commercials that highlight it. So Graham’s campaign also tried to mitigate the effects on the air waves. His campaign published his own TV commercial this week highlighting local coverage of Harrison’s commercial. One narrator calls this a “brazen attempt to mislead voters” and points to Bledsoe’s support for Graham.

Harrison’s campaign did not apologize for her message, however.

“Jaime has two opponents on the ballot, and we are making sure voters know the facts about everyone and about Jaime before they vote,” said Guy King, a spokesman for Harrison’s campaign.

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