Disabled dogs in wheelchairs play on a beach – and it's absolutely adorable

Sally Kadaoui left her life in the UK rescuing dogs from the streets of Morocco and looks after more than 450 – 20 of them in wheelchairs

20 disabled dogs on wheels enjoy their beach excursion Morocco

A kind-hearted and hardworking woman has stopped at nothing to rescue stray dogs and other animals from the streets of Tangier, Morocco.

Sally Kadaoui, 48, left everything behind in the UK, including her home and business, to build a shelter in her native Morocco.

the SFT protected area based in Tangier is now home to over 450 dogs, including 20 disabled dogs in wheelchairs.

Sally told Team dogs how it had been a childhood dream for her to build a sanctuary and rescue strays on their way to the killing home.

Born to a Moroccan father and British mother, she grew up in Tangier and grew up suffering from strays on the streets in dire need of help.

That was Sally’s dream and she takes care of 20 disabled dogs in wheelchairs

In 2013 she sold her home and business in Cambridge and returned to Tangier where she built a sanctuary.

She says around 200,000 dogs are killed each year in Morocco, so her goal is to get all strays off the streets of Tangier.

Sally has also rescued donkeys, wild bulls, monkeys, cats, and thousands of dogs, including those paralyzed from the waist down.

The heartwarming images of their 20 dogs in wheelchairs prove that despite their disabilities they can lead a happy life like any other dog or animal.

Nothing prevents them from enjoying trips to the beach or showing their individual personality.

She once believed that if a dog is disabled it is best to have him euthanized. But her first disabled dog showed her that every life is precious and can lead a happy life if given a chance.

Sally said, “My first disabled dog had a spinal problem, but he was determined to run and was happy. We as humans have no right to take a life just because a dog is disabled.

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“If you can give them the love and care they need, they can actually live fantastic lives. My wheelie babies are happy.

“A dog is as pure as any other living soul. The sanctuary was my idea to give animals a loving home forever. It was such a success and my vet is a godsend.

“I’m not getting paid for it, I’ve invested everything I had. I sold my house and business in the UK. Morocco is a third world country and there is a lot of poverty. We have treated, cared for, vaccinated and marked over 2,500 strays. “

Over 450 dogs are currently safely in Sally’s care with the aim of saving more

The charity does not receive any corporate or government funding and is 100 percent dependent on voluntary donations. She believes the key is to educate the community and be an example for others to follow.

She said, “We have shown over 80,000 school children and the community how amazing dogs are. The tags help them to recognize that there is no risk of rabies. “

Above all, Sally works every day and has not had a vacation for over nine years. She has a pinched nerve in her neck with nerve damage, but it’s the animals that get it through.

She said, “It’s the animals that tell me that you can’t give up, you have to keep going. Sometimes the pain is just unbearable, but when I see my babies, you realize that they need you. “

Dog on wheels named Lucky Puppy is the charity’s mascot

The sanctuary also has 12 team members who are necessary to properly care for the strays.

Sally said, “Seven of my employees were homeless. They lived on the street, they know how hard it was. And their humanity with the animals was amazing. You can’t be more proud of this job because you give love and care to the voiceless. Love always wins in the end. “

To donate to SFT Morocco, click on here or read more about the Hayat project.

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