Disabled man slams anti-vaxx support worker who visited him while sick with flu

A disabled man went to TikTok to hit a support agent who showed up on his doorstep after a week-long flu epidemic and refused, despite his vulnerability to Covid. to wear a mask

Australia: Disabled person slams anti-Vaxxer support staff

A disabled man slammed a flu-infected laborer who refused to wear a mask while driving him to get a Covid vaccine.

Australian TikTok user @ acav4114 from Queensland posted a video on Friday following a clash with a “selfish” handicap worker.

The woman was supposed to drive him to his vaccination, but when she arrived she told him that she had the flu and had been suffering from the disease for a week.

She hadn’t been tested for Covid or vaccinated, despite knowing she would be transporting a person at high risk for the virus.

Her decision not to be stung was because she was “concerned about what it might do,” he said.

The woman also told the immunocompromised man that it had been over a year since she received a flu shot.

He asked her to wear a mask when speaking to him because of his condition, but she said she couldn’t because she had difficulty breathing.

The TikTok user told her “if you are sick you shouldn’t have come here”.

The TikToker said even though she asked to wear a mask, she declined the claim of “having difficulty breathing”.

The man said he was immunocompromised and at high risk from Covid

In the video, the man said: “I am immunocompromised, I was in the intensive care unit twice because of the flu …”.

He accused the worker of being “blasé about illness and flu” and reprimanded her for being irresponsible when working with “vulnerable people with disabilities.”

“When you become a disability or a health worker, you need to stick to guidelines, take care of the people you work for, and think of them instead of yourself,” he said.

“And if you can’t handle a slap in the arm with a vaccine because of your conspiracy-theoretic pot-smoking buddies, then you’re not working in healthcare, you’re kidding.”

TikTok users agreed to the poster, calling it “selfish” and saying it was putting it in danger.

“I’m angry with you. How selfish is she? Why does she think it’s okay to put you in such danger,” said one person. “I’m sorry that it has potential [sic] put you in danger “.

Others suggested reporting the problem to the relevant authorities or their employer.

“Please, please, please, formally complain about it. If you are a charity, you have to think of everyone else in your care first,” said another.

One user suggested, “Please file a complaint. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Covid cold, if you work with vulnerable people you have to do the right thing. “

Another user, who said she was a worker, said health workers are expected to go to work when they feel unwell.

“I’m a worker, I don’t go to work when I’m sick, but since we’re so understaffed, we’re expected to work unless we die,” she said.

The Australian government “strongly” recommends that disabled workers take the vaccine but has yet to make it mandatory MailOnline reported.

Queensland says they will prioritize delivering Pfizer vaccines to disabled workers.


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