Disclosure from Spotify after Apple event

Disclosure from Spotify after Apple event

Spotify is criticizing Apple for its non-competitive actions. Because, after the crisis between Epic Games and Apple, the popular content platform, a party of Epic Games, is erupting at Apple with a new statement. Spotify and Apple seem to be escalating on edge.

Tensions between Spotify and Apple are mounting

Apple held an event yesterday (September 15) and introduced its new devices as part of this event. In addition to these devices, it also announced its service called Apple One. This service makes it possible to collect services such as Apple TV Plus, iCloud, Apple Arcade and Apple Music under one roof.

Spotify, which has been criticizing Apple for a while, especially on the Apple Music side, says the new “One” service will make this situation worse. It is seen that Apple, which will bring all its services together under a single service, is being criticized by Spotify for not offering competition to other applications and platforms at this point.

Spotify shared a message via Peter Kafka immediately after the introduction of Apple’s One platform. When sharing, the service in question is criticized for in fact “eliminating competition completely”. The shared statement reads:

“Apple is once again expanding its domain to disadvantage its competitors. He uses his power to condemn people to choose his services. We urge the competition authorities to take urgent action to limit Apple’s anti-competitive behavior; If left unchecked, it will cause irreparable damage. A threat to the developer community and our collective freedoms to listen, learn, build and connect. “

Let’s see where the crisis between Spotify and Apple is headed in the coming days. Because both parties are now suspects.


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