Discord Will Not Be Sold To Microsoft Or Any Other Company

Disagreement has put an end to speculation that it will sell itself to Microsoft or another company. A while ago, news came that the popular online chat application Disagreement will be sold to Microsoft for more than $ 10 billion has emerged.

While Microsoft is the prominent name in the sales news, at least three companies are known to be interested Disagreement. Companies like Amazon and Epic Games also looked into the land to buy Disagreement. Despite this interest Disagreement, who chooses to proceed on their own, seems to have chosen the route of public bids for additional income. Disagreement, whose monthly number of users has risen to 140 million and earned $ 130 million in 2020, still has not been able to turn a profit.

The core of Microsoft’s interest in Disagreement is the desire to offer their online platform a home. In the application, developers are given the opportunity to create their own forums. In addition, user groups prepared for video and desktop games also play an important role in the Disagreement experience.

Aside from Xbox and Surface devices, Microsoft doesn’t have a presence that touches the masses everyday life. Although Teams has been deployed daily, Discord’s existing reputation and not being a business software made the service suitable for Microsoft.

The Wall Street Journal report also contains information that can be discussed among themselves Disagreement and Microsoft may resume in the coming period. However, for now it looks like that Disagreement prefers to go alone.

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