Diseases scientist fighting for his life in coma after organs fail in Mexico

A tropical disease scientist tragically fights for his life in a coma after suffering from multiple organ failure in Mexico.

Former Glasgow University researcher Hector Diaz Albiter fell ill on January 27 in the town of Villahermosa.

He had to pay for private health care after his destroyed wife Morvyn took him to her local hospital and was told that there were no beds left.

His organs were shut down when he suffered from acute pancreatitis, fluid in his lungs, and an acute kidney injury.

Doctors put him in a medically induced coma after he started developing a heart in the hospital, and he is currently on dialysis.

Morvyn had to move her husband to a private facility, but tragically his health insurance only covers one week of medical care.

She is desperately trying to raise £ 50,000 to pay for his treatment to save his life.

The couple’s friend, Alex Bowie, set up a Go Fund Me page that raised nearly £ 18,000 in just 24 hours.

Hector continues to fight for his life in critical condition Daily record Reports.

Alex posted a statement on the site on behalf of Morvyn, who moved with him to Hector’s homeland in 2018, and other loved ones.

It reads: “Our friend Hector is a scientist studying tropical diseases in Villahermosa, Tobasco, Mexico.

Diseases scientist fighting for his life in coma after organs fail in Mexico 1

“He moved there with his wife Morvyn in 2018 to fulfill his dream of being an investigative scientist in his home country, having previously worked at the University of Glasgow, the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation in Rio De Janeiro and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine had worked.

“Unfortunately, on January 27th, Hector became seriously unwell.

“He developed acute pancreatitis, fluid in the lungs, and an acute kidney injury.

“He had heart problems and had to be intubated.

“He is currently being ventilated in a medically induced coma and on dialysis.

“Hector has multiple organs and is critically ill.

Diseases scientist fighting for his life in coma after organs fail in Mexico 2

“Even though they got to the public hospital, they couldn’t treat him because of a lack of space and he had to be taken to a private hospital.

“Hector’s health insurance only works for up to a million Mexican pesos, a little over £ 35,000, but the severity of his illness means it will only take about a week in the intensive care unit.

“Hector urgently needs help to pay for his further treatment if he is to have any chance of survival.”

Friends and family in both Scotland and Mexico have donated and sent good wishes in droves.

One wrote: “Dear friend, we love you!

“I am sure everything will be fine !!!”

Another added: “Every little bit helps.

“God bless!”

A third commented: “We have you and we love you, Hector and Morvyn.

“Focus on getting better.”

You can donate by visiting the GoFundMe Page.


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